Review, Theology

Reflections on the Psalter Reclaimed

The Psalms have often been my favorite portion of the Bible for devotional time. I think fondly of the days where I could go out and away from the business of life and get alone with God in the Psalms, praying and singing and wrestling over truth.

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‘This man is God; this God is man.’ Even though philosophy cannot grasp this, faith grasps it nonetheless.

Martin Luther

Church Life

Discipleship and a Healthy Church

Not only is the local church God’s program for discipleship, a healthy local church is the goal of discipleship. Every element of discipleship finds its greatest fulfillment in the context of the local church.

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Luther and the Image of God

Luther’s exegesis brings the effects of sin to the forefront, and necessarily points to the gospel as ultimate hope for restoration of that image. Man was not intended to be debilitated as he is now. He was supposed to be like Adam.

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